Sans- meaning “without”, without alcohol, without calories, without sugar!

Sans- meaning “without”, without alcohol, without calories, without sugar!

Junipre is produced using a variety of extraction techniques to ensure the best aromatic and palatable results. Some of these techniques do use alcohol but then the alcohol is extracted resulting in a delicious non-alcoholic beverage.

Junipre is a “non-alcoholic” spirit. This is an FDA recognized definition that means there is less than .5% alcohol. This is a number that makes it impossible for someone to become intoxicated through consumption.

Junipre is a blend of natural botanicals including juniper, ginseng, basil, coriander, cardamom, orange peel, chili pepper and others…

No, it’s a botanical spirit. The definition of gin is an “alcoholic spirit with the predominant ingredient being juniper”. We feel that’s too limiting, yes we use juniper but there’s so much more and we’re not putting a pine tree in your glass. Besides it works great in so many cocktails that aren’t traditionally gin based such as an old fashioned!

Only you and your doctor can answer that, the alcohol content of Sans Junipre is below .5% and is considered non-alcoholic and safe to consume, but there is a psychological aspect of alcoholism and some people may find drinking a “cocktail” even a non-alcoholic cocktail triggering. If you’re concerned, we recommend you consult with your physician.

Junipre needs no refrigeration and will remain shelf stable for at least 3 months once opened.

We use all-natural botanical extracts in Junipre. A lot of these extracts result in an oil which gives a bit of a cloudiness to the product. These extracts occasionally separate out in our blend resulting in some sediment which can be quickly dispersed by shaking. We do not filter Junipre because we feel that eliminates too much flavor.

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